An Autobiography of Thoughts

© Dom Martin

. . . continued

Every life is a privileged possibility within the spectrum of success, either fortuitously unto oneself or unto another.

Every life is an unpredictable potential of what can or might possibly be achieved in collaboration with tomorrow.
1. Poverty perseveres in hope, whereas wealth perspires in perseverance.
2. Poverty is an irreversible condition in the climates of survival.
1. Power has the power to undo itself.
2. Man's vengeance towards his fellowbeing and other species shall always be mortified by his condescending reverence for the powers of nature and the inevitability of the universes' beyond ours.
1. Praise does not always walk in a straight line.
2. In a world so overwhelmed by computers, praise is an effortless attribute.
3. Motive gives praise a superior vocal chord.
1. There is no direct line to God. Religion provides us with a directory and prayer places the call.
2. Prayer is a human bell, seemingly unheard, yet from somewhere, someone, somehow manages to intuitively hear.
Preaching and Preachers
If a single picture is worth a thousand words, than a single artist is worth a thousand preachers.
1. Prejudice is the outcome of unsuppressed opinions.
2. It takes one's own prejudice to call upon the other's prejudice.
The present is an ever malleable illusion.
A president represents the will and ills of his people, and the idiosyncrasies of a solicited pride.
Press, Freedom of the
Libel gives freedom of speech its peripheral vision.
1. Pride sponsors impertinence.
2. The ego is the mind's billboard.
3. Pride is a cavity in time's wisdom tooth.
1. Conscience is a repeated offender, incarcerated in the back of one's mind.
2. Prisons do not provide the humanism that life lacks.
1. Life is an elusive privacy.
2. There is no privacy in life, because life is an ever enlarging entourage of relatives, friends, neighbors and vested interests.
1. It takes all kinds of people to create the right kind of problems for the dumb, the curious and the unwary.
2. Problems are illiterate emigrants, awaiting immigration at the port of intelligence.

1. Belief is the mind's prodigy.
1. If profiteering was a humanitarian goal, we would have succeeded in abolishing poverty.
1. Wars are a well orchestrated profligacy, dissipating humanity of its able-bodied and bonding the grief-stricken and the poor to a faceless future.
1. Amongst us will always be those whose profundity shall inspire us farther despite the overwhelming overcast in the present.
1. Promiscuity is life's original sperm.
1. Life is an investment of promises against time's declining equity.
1. We have no evidence of where we were before birth, and we spend life attempting to establish our alibis.
1. Propaganda is an epidemic of vested words.
1. Life is a mobile property, on an open-ended vacation in time's majestic materialism.
2. While only a disillusioned few hold title, earth, in all righteousness, is an immoveable property.
1. Neither the mind nor the universe has a measurable proportion.
1. Truth will never be proportionate to the dimensions of our mind.
Prosperity and Adversity
1. Public envy is prosperity's main predator.
2. Prosperity has no moral loyalty.
3. Prosperity should be a psychological innovation, not a material imperative.
1. Providence is a two sided coin; the reverse is no less significant than the obverse.
1. Prudery is the result of life deteriorating from the subconscious unto the conscious.
1. Psychiatry is to the mind what slavery is to the body. It ain't good, if money is the common alliance.
1. Punctuality must be a matter of temperance rather than of vindictive prejudice.
2. Truth is seldom as punctual as blatant lies.
1. Time punishes us with a life hardly protractible enough to assimilate the essence of existence and all its intertwining realities.
2. Life in another sense, appears to be a crime against existence, carrying with it the predestined sentence of death without parole.
1. Ignorance is the mind's most purified knowledge.
2. Purity is Truth's baptismal font.
1. I have not succeeded as much as I have failed, and yet, it is my ardent hope that I shall live to fulfil the purpose for which my existence came to be necessary.
2. We each have a distinct purpose in life through which others make their own lives more distinct, purposeful, abrupt or fallacious.
3. Every life is a mutual or reciprocal purpose amidst other purposes, and no one single life is the most purposeful catalyst.
1. To misquote truth is like leaving your fingerprints at the scene of a crime.
Racial Prejudice
1. Racial prejudice is the mind bringing about the same inevitability as the sun: Light and Shade.
1. Even darkness has its meditational sanctum, where the rainbows of hope is no less brilliant than those found in sunlit silences.
Our true ranks at any given time is the fact of being alive within the nature of the circumstances that constitute or threaten our survival. All other ranks dither between the material and the superficial.
Prejudice is inert rashness.
Every life in time, ages into a rationalized fact.
1. Reality is the animation of our existence.
2. The idea of life is not to extinguish reality, but to extend it indefinitely.
Reasoning reason ends up decapitating it.
1. Life is a life-threatening rebellion against death's timeless tenure.
2. Life is a genetic rebellion against death and its indefatigable conspiracies.
There is an unnerving sense of recklessness in our ability to prevail or exceed.
Recognition decodes our cryptic purpose in life.
We live once in humanity's myopic recollection.
Vengeance does not recompense injury, but inflicts injury which justifies vengeance.
Regret reinforces our ability to perceive reality without prejudice.
Rejection subjects the human will to a state of psychological servitude.
Relationships, human
Humanity is an international port, where strangers disembark to become relatives, and relatives embark to become strangers.
Religion becomes a door in the depths of one's circumventing need.
Every life is either a remedy or a virus in another's aspirational environment.
1. Repentance does not reduce the population of sin. It frustrates sinners into migrating elsewhere.
2. Pride never repents. It rebukes repentance.
Repetition indoctrinates the subconscious.
1. A repressed people speak through the wisdom of the spirit.
2. Survival is nature's way of repressing us from losing grip of our free will.
3. Life creates the mind, and survival represses it.
Errors reprove us, unconditionally.
Reputation is an acrobatic feat. The more complex the feat, the more assured one's place in history.
Resignation is a subtle impasse between what the mind aspires and the will can deliver.
Every life, upon coming into existence, is dictated by the same psychological resolution to somehow survive.
All beings, regardless of stature, are equal in the eyes of respectability.
Life is the embodiment of the unnerving restlessness called 'survival'.
We never truly retire in life. We only keep changing our options, and death is simply having exhausted the last durable option.
Survival is a lifelong compass to retreats.
Retribution is time's procrastinating jury.
1. Revenge smiles before it strikes.
2. Revenge is a self-patented bullet, usually cognizable at the scene of occurrence.
Material disparity alters our reverence for all things fundamental to all beings.
Riches ingratiate our illusions of immortality.
Ridicule does not incite any usefulness.
Rivalry is a natural antidote to failure.
Role Model
God has no role model and that primarily accounts for the alarming gap between hope and despair.
Royalty is the reflection of human tolerance.
Every single rumor is a door that opens itself into a roomful of doors.
Every sacrifice is a vital drop in humanity's existential rainfall.
Saints and Sainthood
Every saint is time's milestone on life's freeway.
We are not remotely associated with our salvation. Survival is salvation, and our cognizance of the other is the footprints to the realization of the same.
1. In this overpowering mystic of life, sanity is as insecure as insanity. Only silence abounds with answers, vastly incomprehensible, yet solely comforting.
2. Every being is a living component of the sanity that overshadow's time.
3. Sanity is learning to keep the letters of the alphabet within society's perspective.
Survival affords us the gratification of remaining alive.
Every life casts a shadow, and every scandal is proportionate to one's shadow.
In time's grazing fields, you are either a privileged goat or a scapegoat.
Science and Religion
Religion presents existence with a pencil, and science represents it with an eraser.
1. Scratching has no cultural barriers.
2. Scratching is an unforeseeable art.
Civilizations are different seasons in humanity's cycle of evolution.
Guilt is everyone's best kept secret.
1. Self-esteem is not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but seeing one's own face at one own end.
2. Self-esteem is a personal garden, and the mind is its consummate gardener.
The secret of being assertive is not assertion, but the ability to be in the right place at the right time with the right amount of words.
Self-determination is an isolated star in the galaxy of optimism.
Patience inoculates us from self-hatred.
Self-confidence is a gradually eroding truth.
Laws deprive us of our self-righteous pride.
Where two or more answers flounder, one degenerates into a question, and the result is diffidence.

Self-importance is a compulsive disorder.
We deceive ourselves out of the necessity to overcome the fatigue of guilt.
Self-hatred is more carcinogenic than time.
In self-denial, we make survival a little more habitable for the needy and the less fortunate.
Selfishness is an uninsured motorist on time's populated freeway.
Sense and Nonsense
Every truth is a parliamentary debate, with sense and nonsense constituting the upper and lower house.
Sensitivity is our ego's defense counsel.
Somehow, sentiments keep coming around, and they mature with age.
There's a placating burst of serenity that becomes suddenly prevalent when defeat finally condescends into the resolve to try yet again.
Life is an act of servitude to the laws of existence that make death both mysterious and imminent.
1. Shame enlightens guilt.
2. Shame, is Truth's most effective spotlight.
Sickness incapacitates our ambitious drive to overtake time on death's highway.
Sight does not refine one's beingness; feeling does.
Silence fills the gap between knowledge and ignorance with our subconscious aspirations.
Simplicity gives life the credibility that time has no qualms in coveting it with success.
1. Sin is a hallucinative drug.
2. All good things mature into sin.
3. Survival makes life an act of sin.
Skepticism is a two way mirror.
Slander is prejudice and the subconscious in active corroboration.
Literacy induces psychological slavery.
Once in every one's life, the psychic clock fails its alarm.
Snobbery improves with unimportance.
Snobbery puts us in the foreground of our own illusions.
Society draws its carbonation from the common man.
With overbearing fame, success and wealth, comes the saturnine reckoning that one's next moment in existence, has nothing more sublime or dramatic to offer.
Solitude catechizes our compassion for others.
Life is an encapsulated solitude of dreams and aspirations.
Sour Grapes
Our subconscious is a natural habitat for sour grapes.
We are born specialists when it comes to maximizing some one else's risk in life.
We speed through time with a mindless notion of what life is all about.
Spiritualism does not purify the conscience. It makes it insoluble in sin.
1. Stinginess accrues stress, not wealth.
2. Stinginess is a social pseudonym where wealth is one's real name.
Every stone, adversely pelted, reverberates into the echoes of conscientious hatred.
We are all born strangers to the sounds of existence, and remain strangers even though humanity is a consanguineous bell.
Great lives evolve from a common strategy: A heroic sense of dedication to the ideals of existence.
1. Survival will always be overshadowed by stress yet urged on by perseverance.
2. Stress is humanity's natural fuel.
Stubbornness is a one-way dilemma.
Stupidity is a more tractable surface.
Every passing moment provides our subconscious with a brand new aspiration.
1. Success, in a sense, is physical isolation.
2. In a wealth oriented society, success is a terminal addiction.
3. It is not for us to succeed for the observation of others as it primarily is for the benefit and wellbeing of the other.
4. Success and fame give life an unprecedented compulsion to exist.
5. Success is coming into existence with a blank canvas, spending youth grinding the paint; exerting adulthood in applying the paint; and thereafter, languishing in the gallery of hope for the prospective buyer.
6. Stress is the official route to success.
7. I have no particular secret to my success. I only have an objective. To me, life is an argument between earth and truth. I live to argue.
8. Success does not have room to place everyone on the podium of existence. The greater majority are indispensably needed to erect the podium, do the applauding, and document the event for posterity.
Death is suffering's final vaccine.
1. Suicide is frustration finally getting convicted by despair.
2. Life is a psychological suicide, procrastinated by the ability to survive.
3. Every life suffers from the impulse of suicide at some point or the other. There are thus those who succeed and end up in oblivion; and there are those who publicly fail and end up being despised; and there are still those who secretly fail and end up as celebrities on the mere chance of having renewed their purpose in life after the same had become spared due to a suicidal apparatus that went fortuitously faulty.
1. Survival is our most reliable mediator.
2. Survival is ascertained by our ability to persevere rather than to prevail.
1. Every once in a while, nature swears out at man with devastating lightnings and thunders.
1. Even the most hardened amongst us in due time succumbs to the ever persevering instincts of human sympathy.
1. Tears have no resilience.
Technology has extended life with artificial breath.
1. Between the eye and the mind, temptations are either averted or acted upon.
2. Time, is an ever unceasing temptation in every being's life, to either be content, discontent, or schemeful.
3. Temptations ritualize our guilt.
The Mundane
1. The mundane intoxicates us with cerebral ridicule.
2. The mundane is a periscope through which we perceive the beyond.
The New Year
1. Each new year brings with it the symbolism of a hope yet undefiled.
The Unknown
1. We are constantly undermined by an overwhelming sense of the unknown.
2. The unknown sustains our curiosity with subconscious paranoia.
3. Death is an incomprehensible friend from the wilderness of the unknown.
4. The Unknown is not a corpse awaiting autopsy; never will.
The Heavens
1. The heavens exist, providing a vision to believers and a peripheral eclipse to non-believers.
The Inevitable
We have no powers over the inevitable, only wisdom. Wisdom, merciful and fair.
The Absurd
When two prejudices intermingle, the absurd becomes relevant.
Money is humanity's amphitheater.
Theology is the backroads to God's whereabouts.
1. Life is a shotlived theory on survival.
2. Every life is an extraterrestrial theory which ends up in the grave.
3. Every life is a theory in time's lab, dissected for the benefit of human survival.
Our minds are psychological thieves.
1. Darkness is as thought-provoking as silence is.
2. Thoughts characterize our subconscious psychic.
Threat fires its expletive gun with emotion rather than with lead.
1. Time is a man-made notion, which intently materializes us unto extinction.
2. Time is the clock of existence, wound by civilizations.
3. Neither life nor age is the reflection of time.
4. Time is the reflection of eternity merging with eternity.
5. The magnitude of time is in each moment itself.
Life is a constant reflection of the timeliness of our indefatigable motives.
Life is a timid gift passed on from one wavering generation to another.
1. The dignity to exist must co-exist with the tolerance to share the Kingdom of Existence.
2. Tolerance, is the chief pre-occupation of an idle mind.
3. Tolerance diminishes with age.
1. Tradition, is a natural empathy induced by time in consonance with human tolerance.
2. Traditions provide us the optimism that survival tends to undermine.
Every critical moment in time produces a traitor whose mission it is to prevent existence from being a facsimile of progressive success.
Life is a muffled tranquility, incarcerated between the waves of survival and the tick of death.
Life is a transient memory, sustained by time into reflecting the past, the present and the future.
Truth and Falsehood
You cannot incriminate truth; you can only appeal it.
1. Truth has no material clarity; it is made up of stipulated facts.
2. Truth prevails in the realm of one's own perseverance.
3. Truth is an intimidating infuriation.
4. You can delay, but never truthfully stop truth from manifesting itself.
5. Truth is an irreversible tragedy.
6. Truth, more often times than not, ends up becoming a proselyte than a proselytizer.
Each century is a different prism, through which humanity passes into like an endangered light beam.
1. Tyrants hibernate in the womb of public unrest.
2. Only death, is a deathless tyrant.
Atheism is an expression of one's implicit indifference to the omnipotent unknown.
Life is an aboriginal uncertainty.
It is not possible to peacefully exist without first understanding the basis upon which we can exist.
It is unfortunate to be an average-unfortunate, but it is even more unfortunate to be an affluent-unfortunate.
1. Life, somehow, is synthesized with unhappiness.
2. Unhappiness is a filial intransigent who lives off of our hospitable temperance.
3. Unhappiness is a human pigment.
4. No life is perfectly happy or perfectly unhappy, as it campaigns its way through the narrow straits of survival.
1. Death establishes us with the unimportance that life attempts in vain to inculcate us with.
2. Unimportance is a harmless aggressor.
The human mind is time's most unique feature.
1. Unkindness is an unsigned thought.
Unselfishness is neither an inspiration nor a goal; it is divine providence making its presence materially felt.
Every being has an intended usefulness and it is for us to acknowledge that usefulness rather than prejudice it with contempt or intolerance.
Vanity is a concept, conditioned by our inferior attitudes.
Humanity is a subconscious womb of vices and virtues.
1. Violence is an irreversible boomerang.
2. Violence begins with a miscellany of harmless thoughts, congregating in the mind and then turning belligerent.
1. God has not chosen us, nor have we chosen God. Life is an accidental vision of existence.
2. Every great vision has the initial backing of a disinterested humanity.
The other is and becomes the primary source or premise for our vital or invital fortitude.
Life, some times becomes an irreversible vortex of the hopelessness called 'hope'.
Filial hope circumscribes our vulnerability.
1. There is a necessity to await one's day in time as much as there is a necessity to have to be kept waiting indefinitely.
2. Every life is the unconscious evolution of awaiting death after inheriting at birth the remarkable possibilities of faith, perseverance and hope.
3. It is not how long we have to wait, or where and in what manner, as it is in how long it takes time to match and reproduce our individual needs and desires.
Life is a magnificent walk through the aisles of contemplative silence.
1. There is vanity in the human instinct to engage in wars.
2. Wars happen, when peace becomes an unconscious objective.
3. Let humanity be an aspiration to perpetuate life rather than an omnipotence to inflict and immortalize death.
4. When it comes to war, let us not forget, that victory and defeat are the consanguineous sides of the wailing coin called bloodshed.
5. Wars are bilingual monocles.
1. Wealth does not make one's day psychologically better, it only makes it more convenient. 2. Wealth is spiritual deprivation.
3. Wealth is a digestible lifebuoy.
Weapons have developed us into a civilization of fear.
Our tears are more heartfelt when they concern our own grief.
1. Wickedness is a reciprocating noose.
2. Every wickedness lasts as long as one's life span.
1. One's own will, is one's burdened pendulum in the clock of life.
2. We become adeptly invigorated by a natural will to survive.
Life, in essence, is a tragic willingness to die.
Wills and Inheritance
1. Life is a legendary will, inherited from time and passed on unto space.
2. Every life is humanity's inheritance from time, and what we become through time is what we bequeath unto posterity.
1. Inspiration is condensation of wisdom in the environmental calm of the mind.
2. Life is a time-consuming wisdom.
4. Wisdom is an introspective perspective of truth.
Every life eventually becomes the magnification of wishes either fulfilled or unfulfilled.
There will always be a candid moment in everyone's plight for the realization of one memorable wit.
1. Words either reflect the power of our minds or the impertinence of our emotions.
2. Abuses are highly effective, because there is no room between words for any ambiguity.
Existence is an incessant workforce.
Verily, we live in a world where conscience is pursued by guilt, and ethics is bludgeoned by politics.
The late worm outlives the early bird.
Worry engineers the architectural failure for our most august illusions.
1. Worship does not necessarily compel God to pick the phone.
2. All of reality is a place of worship which we either revere, condescend before, vandalize, or blaspheme.
Every wrong doing affects the prism of existence.
In youth we experience the ignorance of knowing no fear.
1. Zen is being in the present in the present tense.