An Autobiography of Thoughts

© Dom Martin

. . . continued

1. Every mind is equipped with a psychiatric ward; madness results from a highly incompetent staff.

2. It takes conscientious madness to lead Truth all the way to reality's baptismal font.

Malice temporarily provides one with lightning relief from a case of acute envy.

Time conditions us with malignant desires.

Matrimony is an unpredictable flight from 'Earth' to 'Until Death Do Us Apart'.

Materialism transforms human needs into questionable boundaries.

Humanity is a complex mathematics. In any given situation of crises, even the odds remain at odds with the odds.

There is no specific age to becoming mature inasmuch as there isn't one for death.

Life is too brief, and one must endeavor to make that brevity aptly meaningful.

Means and Ends
1. Life is a warehouse, providing us with the means and ends to every conceivable mechanics to success.

2. Every life, in some way or the other, becomes the means to another's end.

1. Our ability to refrain from meddling is surpassed by a natural consensus to meddle.

2. Meddling is like trying to resuscitate a comatosed shark.

3. Meddling is volunteering the services of your genuine foibles.

Time is humanity's most reliable pharmaceutical.

There's a certain amount of mediocrity in whatever we do which suddenly becomes excellent through time.

1. Our memories are subconscious truths in time's odyssey.

2. Memories are fossilized perceptions of what we choose to adulate or hold in contempt.

3. Memory is time's genetic satellite.

Men and Women
In creation, God split himself between man and woman, so that his own existence could only become manifest through the other.

Every act of mercy is a lingering rainbow in the landscape of humanity.

There is not a single method which is a proven, lifelong drug, against the disease of survival.

Middle Class
The middle class is an invaluable pendulum, making the rich richer, and the poor poorer.

Middle Age
Life has its progressive stages and the mind becomes the faculty towards their degeneration.

Mind and Body
1. The human mind is time's vocabulary.

2. The human mind is a mindless entity in the realm of other minds.

3. The human mind is a timeless paradox.

4. Survival is a cardio-vascular bridge between the mind and the body.

5. The mind is the most original of all drugs, inducing realism, idealism, hallucinations, or paranoia.

6. Each mind is the resurrection of an ancient soul around which the other is either oriented or disoriented.

7. The mind is a frightening consciousness.

1. We are all conflicting minorities on the palm of the universe.

2. Existence is a fragile sieve through which minorities easily slip through and outnumber.

Time is humanity's cumulative miracle in the ongoing process of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Money has made humanity a reciprocating entity between need and misanthropy.

1. A miser preconditions his own misery.

2. Misers recycle their own miseries.

1. Misery is a permeating psychosis.

Every life is a habitual misfortune unto itself with death serving as the most glaring factor. Yet, it must be realized that we are an ongoing chain of the actions and reactions that sustained yesterday unto today, and presently leaving us with the same obligation of extending it unto tomorrow as it left those who preceded us.

1. Politicians displace humanbeings no less than missionaries do.

2. We are, in the primary sense, all missionaries, emerging from the unknown with life, and leaving our scalable names on the ever enlarging Wall of Survival.

The natural verdict of death on life provides us with an ever prolific incentive to live life moderately.

Modesty is as unprecocious as innocence.

Everything is in the moment, and no moment is everlasting in pain or bliss.

Money is humanity's uncharacteristic god.

Morality was proposed by god, sanctioned by man, and revised by time.
1. We are given names so that our specific deeds may be singled out from the general beingness of existence.

The ego is an essential atom in the human structure, until it begins degenerating into protons and neutrons.

We are generally conditioned to stay within the imperceptible guidelines of our egos.

Nationalism identifies in us our endemic hatred for the other.

Nature is an endangered reflection of origin.

1. Survival is life's irreversible necessity.

2. Necessity is a lifelong addiction.

1. Need is a natural consequence arising out of the simple act of being alive. It is truly unfortunate, that this simple fact has today immensified itself into a life threatening necessity.

2. Need transforms one's hope into a place of worship.

3. Life was founded on the doctrine of need.

Let there be negative thoughts, and let there be positive thoughts, and let there be no thoughts as well, for the human mind is susceptible to being graciously influenced or prejudiced by one, the other, or by all three.

Conscience is our ever vigilant neighbor.

Nemesis pursues us with the same resolve with which we accomplish deception and fraud.

1. Neurosis is an unnavigational plane on someone else's runway.

2. Money is every being's subconscious neurosis.

3. Neurosis is a spokesman for our chronic inhibitions.

We have unmistakably evolved to the point where our minds are constantly brokered by news.

Newspapers transform the mind into a phenomenal courtroom, where every written word finds instant conviction or acquittal.

Each night, we pass through the infinite oblivion of death!

Normality is neither a virtue nor a vice. It is an imaginary perception proposed by emotion, modified by opposition, and ratified through time.

There's a memorable home in everyone's heart, with large windows overlooking the plains of sentiment, anxiety and hope

Nuclear Power
1. Nuclear power is man's non-biodegradable menace on humanity.

2. Nuclear power has become a common omnipotence against an uncommon mankind.

Prudes have franchised nudity for the benefit of the curious.

Life is an evolving observation of what death is all about.

Life is a full time obsession.

Obstinacy is modelled after our own egos.

Old Age
1. Age is a biodegradable fact.

2. Old age is a sign that time has not forgotten our obligation to death.

Survival is the mind's diaphragm.

1. Opinions are like additional keys, that don't essentially fit any door.

2. Opinions succumb when they can no longer endure their egotistic pitch.

Each life provides the other with the irresistible opportunity to make this world a little better yet or worse.

1. Opposition should be an avenue rather than a cul de sac.

2. Opposition should not merely be a vocal chord, but the amplification of wisdom that's either eclipsed, suppressed, or altogether vacuous.

Lasting success is a marriage between ingenuity and perseverance.

Overconfidence is the last fruit on the dwindling tree of prudence.

To make another's life pardonable or not, is not a privilege of power, rather, a self-damning guilt.

Time provides us with a lifelong parenthood of hope.

1. Life is not a perpetual bond. We constantly part, and we must, from the material and the biological, until we confront the realization of who we are, and why primarily speaking we are here.

2. Goodbyes are humanity's permanent heartbeat.

Partnerships create a permanent vacancy for full time arbitrators.

Life can easily become a contemptuous passion.

The past is a microbe from which the present has evolved.

1. In the timelessness of patience, we master the wisdom of hope and conquer success.

2. Patience is an unseen door on a wall that neither divides nor confines success.

3. Patience neither locks nor opens doors. It diligently creates them.

4. Patience is the ability to take control of the mind's frequency.

5. Patience silently accrues the sobriety of wisdom.

Our first patriotism should be to the elements of nature, without which, our lives are an ongoing bureaucracy of uncertainties.

1. Peace is a unifying silence.

2. Peace of mind is a ringside view of existence.

3. Peace is diplomacy's solar plexus.

The People
1. Throughout history, people have been wilfully auctioned off by politics.

2. Unless the people become a liberated thought, politics will continue to be doomed by politicians.

3. The people has and will always be a conveniently neutral landscape against which politicians look their mighty best.

Every being is an isolated perception in the network of existence, either brought into the limelight by the other, or likewise withheld.

Perfection is carrying the world's imperfect opinion on your shoulders.

1. The important fact in life is to persevere in the anxiety of hope rather than in the comfort of depression.

2. Perseverance is more an act of pride than of stoic survival.

3. Perseverance never leads one aimlessly astray.

4. Life is an incapacitating dream, immortalized by perseverance.

5. Perseverance gives thoughts a mountaineering zeal.

1. Persuasion does not move mountains; it only makes them appear translucent.

2. Time persuades us to overcome our indifference to hope.

1. There's the obvious in life and the obverse as well, and the irresistible damnation to seek solace in the latter.

2. Pessimism is an ideological pitfall.

1. Pettiness has its own appeal in every being.

2. Pettiness is a life size vulture perched on the tree of plenty.

Life is a precious phenomenon of abnormal realities.

Philosophy and Philosophers
Philosophy is thought raised to the power of thought.

1. Where pity is an exercisable option, it is often exploited unto one's own piteous need.

2. Pity is a collect-call from the heart to the mind.

While some lives become a plaque through others, others become vacuous through some.

There's no room for pleasure when guilt and conscience hog the same space.

Political Science
Political parties provide humanity with ideological vaccines.

Politics and Politicians
Politics does not reform society; politicians do.

Every mind is either a potential pollen or pollutant in the Garden of Humanity.

1. One's popularity is solicited by public tolerance.

2. Popularity is social racism propagated by knowledge.

Nothing else populates the world more surreptitiously than money.

Pornography will always be a misunderstood guilt.

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