Mr. Rajendra Kerker
The 2001 award was conferred jointly on Mr. Rajendra Kerker and Ms. Therese Almeida,
in recognition of their commitment in conserving Goa's ecological heritage.
  Rajendra Kerker is a eco-socio-cultural researcher and educator. He has to date, identified in excess of 200 historical sites in North Goa, the most significant discovery being the rock carvings at Mauxi. Earlier, he successfully coordinated his efforts with the Bombay Natural History Society in getting the pristine forests of Mhadei and Neturlim classified as national sanctuaries. Subsequently, he and Dr. Nandkumar Kamat co- founded the Goa River Conservation network (GORICON) to save Goa's nine rivers. An avid speaker and humanist, he is also the author of numerous articles relating to Goa's cultural, environmental and archaeological heritage. Currently, Mr. Kerker is working on a book to depict the timeless bond between man and nature.