Dr. Olivinho Gomes
The 1997 award was conferred on Dr. Olivinho Gomes in recognition of "his commitment
to the growth of Konkani Literature in an environment of communal decline."


Beginning in 1972, Dr. Gomes held numerous positions as an I.A.S. official. In 1985, he obtained his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Goa. Subsequently in 1987, he voluntarily relinquished his career as an I.A.S. official in order to pursue the cause of Konkani. He joined Goa University in that year and is presently the Head of its Konkani Department. Through his initiatives, courses became available for graduate and post-graduate degrees in Konkani, including faculties for doctoral thesis.
He has conducted and published extensive material based on his research of Konkani literature, as well as of Goa's history and sociology. One of his major research projects (approved by the University Grants Commission) is the "Reconstruction of Old Konkani Literature". He is also an accomplished poet, writer and broadcaster. In addition, Dr. Gomes is a learned translator, having to his credit numerous works translated from French, Portuguese and Konkani.