Dr. V.N. Jindal

The 2006 award was conferred on Dr. V.N. Jindal in recognition of his altruistic contribution to medicine and to society's medical aspirations.

Dr. Jindal is credited with starting the first Faculty of Neurosurgery in the State of Goa, and has been its head since 1992.  He has been instrumental in conducting research in the field of Neurocysticercosis, a neurological disorder associated with the consumption of tapeworm infested pork.  He has devoted his time in specializing his skills in the field of Paediatric Surgery and Skull Base surgery.  According to Dr. Jindal, Goa has a large number of congenital C.N.S. defects (brain tumors) in children.  He has also observed that the coastal districts of Goa have a high incidence of skull base lesions, and over the years, has undertaken radical surgery for the treatment of these lesions.