Adv. Albertina Almeida (center) receiving the Award on behalf of Bailancho Saad,
from the hands of Adv. Norma Alvares.


The 2003 Vincent Xavier Verodiano Award was jointly conferred on Bailancho Saad in recognition of its "unwavering commitment to preserve -- with prejudice to none -- the dignity of women in the realm of social, cultural and economic survival".

Bailancho Saad is a Goa-based, women's collective that strives for a just and humane society one in which women are afforded a setting to articulate their own needs and those of their communities. Since its inception in 1986, Bailancho Saad has had the benefit of the dynamic leadership and resourceful insight of Adv. Albertina Almeida. This socially conscious organization has been raising questions and challenging patterns that could otherwise infringe or marginalize the right of women to coexist as fundamental entities in the realization of society's wellbeing.