Sitting Shiva for the Holocaust

Pencil on Paper, 2007

by Dom Martin


1.                  Thumbprint of the ONE, Supreme Omnipotence from which the three principal 

                 religious auras have evolved.

2.                  Remnants of the Temple/Wailing Wall

3.                  Israelís Barrier Wall (aka  Palestineís Wailing Wall)

4.                  The Demise of Humanism (Dehumanized Plight of the Palestinians)

5.                  The Biblical Job

6.                  Tallit

      7.         Sitting Shiva -- Stones from the Temple/Wailing Wall extended into, comprising of

                      and aspiring  towards the realization of the Sitting Shiva (outlined by the

                      7 illuminated steps culminating with the 10 Commandments.)


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