For me, Fr. Chico is someone I pray to, intercede to the lord on my behalf.  We had a little girl (aged two) brought into our house with her mother as she had lost her father in the early fifties.  She grew up in the house and completed her graduation in Economics (Bombay University).  Fr Chico used to encourage her to go on.  A few years ago, her husband met with a terrible accident in the Gulf and was not sure of surviving -- they said some part of his bone was crushed to powder.  In desperation she began to pray to Fr.Chico to save him and send him home.  She prayed in our chapel and the novenas to St. Anthony in the said chapel, and her husband is now home walking with crutches after two major operations . . .                                                                                

                                                           - Marina Monteiro

                                                                             Email dtd July 21, 2003


          It is only of late that I was able to visit [Fr. Chico Monteiro's] (updated) site and I have gone through its contents. Websites of this nature, highlighting, for the benefit of posterity, the good that has been done by some individuals, are always welcome. And Fr. Chico has been, undoubtedly, one of the finest priests this Archdiocese has had!



                                                           - Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao

                                                                             Email dtd August 12, 2003