An Open letter to God

by Vimala Pinto

Dear God:

I have always held you in great awe and reverence.  I have tried my best to keep your Commandments.  But today, I have decided to have a direct confrontation with you, because my heart is heavy with sorrow.

Dear Lord, What justification can you offer for taking Fr Chico away from us so suddenly? Do you realize what pain and untold misery you have caused to hundreds of people whose hearts he has touched.  High above from your Heavenly throne did you not watch the poorest of the poor and the ailing, sobbing at his funeral.  Believe me, oh Lord, these were genuine tears of gratitude to a man who had lived his life for others.  He was an epitome of goodness.  Did you not watch teenage boys and girls, sports lovers and broken hearted young people who had come to bid a last farewell to the man who had given them moral guidance?  Why are you silent?  Did you not watch doctors, engineers, lawyers, bankers etc shedding tears for the one who had helped them in their formative years at "Lar Dos Estudantes". 

He was an embodiment of virtue.  It was not fair on your part to deprive us of our most prized possession---not fair at all.  You already have so many saints around you.  How then could you be so selfish and take away from us a living saint?  We needed Fr. Chico so much.  Surely you have watched the gloom on the faces of the old retired priests of the Clergy Home.  They needed this inexhaustible fountain of love to comfort them You are the one who had blessed him with so much love.  So why didn't he continue living in a world which is starved for love?  Speak up Lord! 

He was a model priest second to none, unconcerned about wealth or praise.  His was a life of service and dedication to humanity.  By his exemplary life he conquered souls.  His captivating smile spread radiance wherever he went.  Hundreds of men, women and children into whose lives Fr Chico had brought joy, whose homes he had blessed, couples whose marriages he had solemnized, children who doted on him, find it difficult to accept you calling him Home. 

Do you always take sardonic pleasure in taking what is good from this world or is it this time you wanted only the best?  Perhaps you have a good reason Lord.  Perhaps you felt that Fr. Chico needed a long deserved rest.  Perhaps you have felt that his sacrifices and silent sufferings were beyond human endurance.  Perhaps you might have felt that by taking this step you were not really depriving us of Fr. Chico, but permitting him to continue watching over us with love from his enviable, yet deserving throne in Heaven.  

          Forgive my outburst, Lord. I'm only human.  Yes, how can my finite mind fathom the infinite?

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