Hypnotizer of Youth

by Monsignor Alfred Mesquita.

Candolim, the native village of Mons. Francisco Monteiro or Padre Chico as he was affectionately known and referred to, was also the birthplace of the renowned scientist priest AbbeFaria who explained the phenomenon of hypnotism with his theory of suggestion.

At the very first encounter with Fr Chico, I got the impression that he had the charisma for suggestiveness--- an extraordinary quality of exercising an influence almost silent but lasting on the minds and hearts of the youth which constituted the main field for his welfare activity in this land.

Although he had no University degree he had a vast knowledge of the problems of religion, world history, morality, education and a fitting answer to all that interested him and much more the youth in whom he fostered traits of his noble character, love for art and music and above all, like the great educationist Don Bosco, a love for sports.

With his simplicity, affection and concern for all who approached him, Fr Chico won a great deal of sympathy which he used as a means to raise the minds and hearts to high ideals set by Goa for all human beings.

He did not bother about eloquent speeches or subtle arguments to put across his point of view which was based on common sense, yet deep rooted Christian faith by the fund of goodness which he spread about especially among the youth by his dedication to the service of the aged and ailing priests more so in his later years by his inner life of prayer and enduring sacrifice, Fr. Chico holds and will hold a prominent place in this small but important land Goa.

With these few lines which cannot in any way exhaust the fullness of the grand yet humble personality of Fr. Chico whom God took away so suddenly for his Glory I wish to explain my humble homage to this great educationist.

          Others who were closer to him especially the Laristas {resident students of the Lar dos Estudantes , Altinho Panjim} will surely give him a better and more complete profile.

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