Jehangir Gazdar's photo of the sacred body of St. Francis Xavier -- taken during the 1974 Exposition -- gives the corpse an aura of sanctity quite unparalled. A total of eight pictorial panels (the four as seen above -- below the body -- and four on the opposite side), depict some of the most significant milestones in St. Francis Xavier's life.
The ink on paper depictions are the work of Dom Martin. In November of 1974 -- three days prior to the Exposition -- the artist received a postcard from the then Rector of the Bom Jesus Basilica, late Fr. George D'Sa, which simply read: "Please come and see me immediately. In those days, phones were still a rarity in much of Goa.
At the meeting, Fr. George displayed the 1964 Exposition panels which consisted of the intonation, "Pray for Us" inscribed in several Indian languages, and urged the artist to come forth with something more powerful to showcase the 1974 Exposition.
Overwhelmed with the prospect of producing something of such importance at such short notice, the artist left the Basilica but not before striking a deal with the Saint: "Provide me with the inspiration and I'll come through".
Detail of Panels -- Ink on Paper -- 1974
Life of St. Francis Xavier -- Oil on Canvas -- 1973